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Bonsai is the art of miniaturization of trees. They are grown in containers. Bonsai dates back to the Han Dynasty in China. The trees were usually used as decorations. Bonsai trees are not small trees by nature. By placing any tree in a small container and root pruning you can have a Bonsai tree.

Bonsai trees are small. Because of this watering is key. They can dry out much faster than other trees. But do not go over board. If you over water it will cause root rot. With some species you may need to repot frequently.

The basic process is to first put your tree in a growing box that has potensai.This will help grow strong roots. The next place you will move your tree is to the training box. It`s smaller than the growing box. To get your tree to grow in the shape you want you must wrap your tree in metal wire. You can also shape your Bonsai by simple pruning.

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For your Bonsai tree to meet its full potential you need the correct container. The most important feature of the bonsai contain is that it must have drainage holes. If you are going to make informal shapes with your Bonsai a circular pot is great. Although they're not a regular part of American gardens, you can employ the use of Landscaping Services for enhancing your garden or backyard with flowers, bonsais and other plants.

Some common styles of Bonsai trees are the Formal upright, slant- style, Cascade- style and broom style to name a few.

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